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k2 paper,

This is plain A4 paper  which is normally white in color. These paper is being sprayed with liquid k2, dried and then smoke. Most of the flavors are very sweet and it gives a high similar or equal to maryjane. This paper is usually measure 8 by 11.5 inch.

K2 spice paper or k2 paper sheets are just simple pieces of paper which have been infused with k2 liquid. It is very easily to be smuggled into prisons and other countries since the Feds can’t detect the drugs. These sheets are sprayed with 25ml=0.834 FL fluid liquid k2. This liquid k2 is a colorless and odorless. Hence the reason why its difficult to be detected.

k2 paper sheets,

Many people use this k2 paper sheets differently but the most common way is by rolling the dried paper into a blunt and smoking it. Its being sold in few online stores like .Buy k2 paper online and get it shipped to your buddy in jail. We normally write on them to look like a love letter before sending. we can also make them in the form of greeting cards if you so need. How to make k2 paper

When these papers have been sprayed, we call them k2 spray on paper or k2 spice paper. K2 spray on paper

K2 spray or k2 liquid incense is prepared in the laboratory under the supervision of qualified laboratory staffs from synthetic cannabinoids. best place to buy k2 paper

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