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What is k2/spice?

K2 spray is among the list of  synthetic cannabinoids  which give human a mind altering effect. The effects on other animals haven’t been tried so far. These mind altering chemicals are sprayed or infused on dried plant materials or papers and smoked. They can also be sold as liquids known as k2 liquids to be vaporized in E-cigarettes or other devices. We can also call them liquid or herbal incense. k2 spray on paper

k2 spray/synthetic cannabinoids will affect the brain much more stronger than Marijuana. The effects on individuals usually vary.  The psychoactive ingredients are like potpourri and normally labelled as “not for human consumption” . The chemical elements found in this products haven’t been discovered. Strongest k2 spray for sale

The different street name are Black mamba, Spice, fake weed, legal herbal incense, scooby skunk. Its smoked in pipes, E cigarettes, joints and can be taken as tea.

How to spray k2 on paper?

Each A4 paper measure 8.5 by 11 inch and its infused with 25ml=0.845351 fluid oz of k2 liquid. Buy best quality A4 size plain k2 paper and write a letter for your friend in jail only at . k2 spray for sale

You will have more information oh how to spray k2 paper on the small manual we have designed for our customers only. It will come with your order.

How k2 spray is used

K2/spice is used in pipes, joints, bongs, e cigarettes or it is sprayed on dried plant and smoked. is the best place to buy k2 spray online. Get in touch with us today and shop the strongest k2 spray

How k2 spray works

Just like weed, k2 spice attaches to receptors known as cannabinoid receptors on the body. Once it attaches to the receptors, it products a high similar to that in marijuana.

Active Ingredients in k2 spray

  • Cannabicyclohexanol
  • JWH-073,
  • JWH-200
  • CP-47
  • 497
  • JWH-018
  • THC more potent


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