Black Label Liquid Incense On Paper


A4 Paper Size: 8-1/4 x 11-3/4 (210 x 297 mm).

Each A4 paper(Printing paper) infused in 25ml of Black label K2 spray.

The infused papers are 100% odorless and colorless which makes them undetectable.

Standard Envelope Size: 110mm x 220mm.

Each envelope infused in 35ml of Black label K2 spray.



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Black Label liquid incense just like its name states its a quality product from our famous Carling Brewing company after plenty years of research work done in the drugs industry. Black label incense is being produced from Synthetic cannabinoid that are just as similar to cannabinoids that are obtained from weed plant. Once this product is obtained, it is sprayed on k2 paper sheets and smoked. The reason for spraying k2 paper with black label incense is for it to have its best flavor. Black Label liquid incense

We also have strong infuse papers like heroin infused k2 paper and suboxone infused papers. These products will move you to a higher energy level and uplift your mood.We have received incredible reviews about heroin infused paper this simpler way of getting high and people demand it more than before. K2 paper sheets

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Effects of Black label incense on paper:

This drug which makes you feel special has a long lasting effect when smoked. It is one for the strong blends of k2 liquid incense . This is so far the best product to consume as it uplifts your mood and moves you to a greater energy level. Other products like our famous white tiger k2 spray on paper has same effects as black label liquid k2 on paper.

Many people use this product to reduce anxiety, depression and also enhance their working abilities since just a small amount is needed to make your day.


  • Black label liquid incense on paper has a long lasting effect
  • Quick in smoking
  • Has unique properties
  • Pleasure in Smoking

Environment for usage:

This product does not have a limit as to which environment that it can be used. The perfect way to enjoy this product is in parties . Black label liquid incense on paper for sale

We also recommend its consumption to be indoors so you can enjoy this flavor and its effects