Bonzai Citrus Herbal is a new product from the famous Bonzai series. It has a very good flavor, very potent and long lasting.
Bonzai Citrus herbal incense is created using new technology.
Bonzai Citrus mix is an absolute novelty of the season!
Natural herbs and aromas gives especial high mood, in uplifting style. Outstanding quality mix.



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Delightfully lemon Bonzai citrus 3G is an incense made of herbs blend that is renowned for its distinctive citrus scent. This blend of herbs has been available for several years and is known for its extremely strong scent.

BONZAI CITRUUS 3g. Bonzai mix is a total sensational scent that is a novelty for the season! The natural aromas and herbs provide an extra boost of energy, in a positive style. A top-quality blend.

Natural aromas and herbs provide an extra boost of energy, in a positive style. Excellent quality mix.

Produced using the best herbs, you will experience a truly unforgettable experience. We ensure the high quality and the legality of our content.

You can buy Bonzai Citrus Herbal Incense aromatic potpourri for a reasonable price from us.

Stay clear of the heat and humidity sources.

Cannabicyclohezanol or other prohibited ingredients. Nicotine & Tobacco free Disclaimer The product is designed to be used for an aromatic potpourri. It was not for consumption by humans. The manufacturers and retailers of this product accept no responsibility for any erroneous usage or misuse of this product.

Stay away from children.