Aloha tangerine liquid K2 On paper


Buy aloha tangerine liquid K2 On paper. Also, buy liquid aloha tangerine incense.

Each A4 sheet is embedded with 25 ml=0.845351 fluid oz of liquid K2. This paper is odorless and colorless.

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Buy aloha tangerine liquid K2 On paper

Aloha tangerine is one of our perfect blends of liquid k2 with has a fruity flavor. This blend with relief you from depression and uplift your mode.

This product is my favorite blends followed by Mr Nice guy liquid incense . This mixture gives and extra sweet fruity flavor

Lab Certified: Does not contain AM2201, JWH018, JWH250, HU210, CP47, HU211, AM-694

Cannabicyclohexanol–  and other prohibited ingredients : Tobacco and nicotine free disclaimer. This product is not intended for use by pregnant women and kids below the ages of 18.

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Number Of K2 Infused Sheets

1 A4 Sheet, 3 A4 Sheets, 5 A4 Sheets, 10 A4 Sheets