Mad Hatter K2 Paper


Each letter contains 25 ml=0.845351 fluid oz of mad hatter k2 spray

NB: These k2 sheets are colorless and odorless. You can also buy the best quality mad hatter k2 paper online from We are fast and reliable

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Mad Hatter K2 Paper online

The Mad Hatter Paper is made from synthetic incense and is composed of organic cannabinoids. Mad Hatter K2 Paper  is one of the incenses that is liquid in nature. Take pleasure in the delicious taste in this Incense. It gives users a great sense of satisfaction. Due to demand, we are offering Mad Hatter Liquid, it’s the substance that has been kicking’ to the curb all over the world for many years. It’s professionally blended by the top players in the business.

Mad hatter is one of our amazing blends of liquid incense sold in few stores online. So when you find it anywhere around you should try to have a taste of it. We offer 30% discount on all our products and we ship to all 50 states in the US. Each k2 simple paper is sprayed with 25ml of k2 spray. These sheets are colorless and odorless. Hence can be shipped to your buddy in Prison without being detected.