Mr Nice Guy Herbal Incense


Mr. Nice Guy Strain Herbal Incense:

Mr. Nice, or Mr. Nice Guy, is an Indica-winning strain that won the second spot in the 2004 High Life Cup. It is named after Howard Marks, a man portrayed by the press as ‘the most complicated prescriptions blue-blood ever.’ The development of Sensi Seeds, this strain has a THC extent of 13%-16%. At first called “G13 x HP” it is a cross of the mind-blowing Government 13 (G-13) with their own Hash Plant.  MR NICE GUY HERBAL INCENSE Mr. Decent began as a confined rendition strain, open for a short period of time, be that as it may, in 1999 Sensi Seeds conveyed the strain again with its current name.



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Mr Nice Guy Herbal Spray, a medical cannabis Incense. Despite being an Indica hybrid. This Incense is a potent healer. As well as a fun and relaxing smoke, bringing good vibes and happiness in abundance.

Howard Marks, an Oxford alumnus who made a fortune smuggling marijuana, was the inspiration for this Incense. He released his autobiography after serving 7 years in federal prison, narrating his colorful and interesting life under the title Mr. Nice”.

The uber-Incense G13 was crossed with a hash plant to create the beautiful Mr. Nice Guy Herbal Incense. A potent hybrid with a strong indica influence, this Incense delivers a solid and pleasant high. A particular and distinctive characteristic of this plant is its sweetness and aromatic fragrance.

Effects of Mr. Nice Guy Herbal Incense

A Mr Nice Guy K2 is a strong Indica-dominant Incense that’s sure to leave you feeling relaxed and drowsy, draining the stress of the day and letting you relax. There is a physical effect associate with this Incense, causing your body to feel heavy and slowing you down, possibly inducing a slight couch-lock as a result.

It’s a pleasure to be around Mr. Nice Guy because he gives you pleasure, relieves tension and stress. Indulges you only in positive thoughts. This Incense is highly beneficial when you are about to go to bed since it has a strong Indica effect that can make you feel sleepy.

Although it produces a heavy body stone. This Incense allows your mind to feel lifted and light, inspiring many creative ideas. Keep the snacks ready and the fridge full to the brim for Mr. Nice guy because he might make you feel uplifted and optimistic.

The Fragrance of Mr. Nice Guy Incense

There is nothing that smells as pleasant and pungent as Mr. Nice guy incense, whose smell will dominate a room as soon as he enters it. As you smoke this Incense, you will be remind of the sweet smell of skunk, preparing you for a pleasant smoking experience.

The Flavor of Mr. Nice Guy Herbal Incense

Indica-dominant incense is known for its earthy flavors, which are invigorating to the senses. Smoking Mr. Nice, you’ll find flavors of spice and sweetness, as well as a subtle fruity aroma. With its piney undertones and woody aftertaste, this Incense is very enjoyable to smoke.

Adverse Reactions of Mr. Nice Guy Incense

Due to Mr. Nice’s potency, but relatively gentle effects. This Incense has some negative effects that generally occur only if you smoke too much. A dry mouth can be felt after consuming this Incense, accompanied by itchy and dry eyes. A dry mouth can be accompanied by parched lips.

There is a possibility of feeling dizzy when you Smoke this Incense. Mr. Nice guy k2 liquid can also cause a mild headache for some people. But the headache usually doesn’t last long. There is a small chance that you will feel anxious and paranoid when smoking this particular Indica hybrid Incense. If it’s you, go easy.